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TIG Welders

Red-D-Arc offers TIG welders and welding equipment for hire. Our rental TIG welders are meticulously maintained and provide excellent performance, contact and versatility combined with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of metals including aluminum, magnesium, copper and stainless steel.
Dynasty 200 DX
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG
  • Advanced Inverter Technology
  • High-Speed DC TIG Pulse Controls
  • Independent Amplitude/Amp Control

Maxstar 200 DX TIG welder
  • Processes: Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG
  • Superior Low-End DC TIG or High-End DC Stick Performance
  • Auto-Line Technology
  • Built-in Gas Solenoid and HF

MasterTIG 2200
  • Processes: Stick, TIG
  • Precise Welding Performance
  • Compact Size for Ease of Mobility
  • High Welding Current and Duty Cycle

Viper 2500S DC TIG Welder
  • Processes: Stick, TIG
  • DC TIG Control
  • Variable Current Control
  • Ideal for Typical Site Applications

Invertec V270-T DC TIG Welder
  • Processes: Stick, TIG
  • Excellent Arc Characteristics for a Wide Range of Applications
  • Generator Compatible, Ideal for Site Use
  • HF and "Lift TIG" Ignition
  • High Speed Pulse

MagicWave 3000 Comfort AC/DC TIG
  • Processes: Stick, TIG
  • 300 A Output
  • Cold Wire Control and Automated Use
  • Active Wave Technology

Lincoln Invertec TPX 300
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • HF and Lift TIG ignition meet all requirements
  • Excellent TIG HF starting with pre-settable start mode

TransTIG 3000
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG
  • Welds Low-Alloy and High-Alloy Steels and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Automatic Cooling Unit Shutdown
  • Digital Welding Process Control
  • Non-Contact Ignition (HF)

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