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PipeWorx Welding Systems

PipeWorx multi-process pipe welders are specifically designed for the pipe welding professional. In the shop or onsite, these systems are engineered to help pipe welders produce consistent welds, efficiently.
Induction Heaters

Pre-heat weldments quickly and precisely with Miller's induction heating systems.

Miller PipeWorx 350 FieldPro System
  • DC CC CV
  • Simplified Cable Management
  • Complete Control at the Weld Joint
  • Arc Performance Optimized for Critical Pipe Welding
  • New Durability Standard for Field Construction

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Benefits of the Miller Pipeworx Welders

When there is much pipe welding to be done, an advanced pipe welding power source should be considered to ensure weld quality and production rates are being hit. The Miller Pipeworx series contains some of the best pipe welding power sources in the world today. They are advanced waveform, multi-process welders. This means that you can make a TIG root and finish of the rest of the weld with an E7018 stick weld. Another option is to use a Regulated Metal Deposition MIG pulsing program for the root, and fill out the rest of the joint with a self-shielded fluxcore wire. The options are many, and the versatility is broad enough to handle small diameter and large diameter pipes with a range of material thicknesses and material types.

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