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Pyro Shield

Custom designed, custom fabricated induction heating accessories such as Portable Induction Furnaces, Clam Shells, Induction Internal Plugs and Induction Blankets. Greatly speed up, simplify and enhance the safety of your induction heating operations.
Portable Induction Furnaces
  • Uniform Preheat and Stress Relief
  • Fast Heat Up Times
  • Portable
  • Cost Effective, Energy Efficient

Induction Heating Clam Shells
  • Metal Part is Evenly Pre-Heated as it Rotates Inside the Clamshell
  • Pre-Heat up to 1200°F
  • Custom Made to Fit Each Specific Application
  • Fast Set Up, Eliminates Flame

Induction Heating Blankets
  • Custom Made Blankets to Suit Each Specific Application
  • Heating Coils are Optimally Integrated into Every Blanket
  • Reduce Potential Fire Hazards by Eliminating the Use of Peg Board

Induction Internal Plugs
  • Internal Induction Heating of Parts
  • Even Pre-Heat Throughout the Whole Part
  • Custom Made to Fit Each Specific Application

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