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Pipe Welding

Our selection of pipe welding equipment for hire includes welders suitable for pipeline welding in the field and welding machines suitable for pipe fabrication shops.

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Pipe Welding Challenges and Applications

Pipe welding presents a whole new set of challenged when compared to plate welding. Since the welds are made around a circumference, it is more difficult to keep the torch angle constant as the arc is moved across the joint. Also, constant changing of positions can cause operator fatigue. Repositioning to get oneself in the most advantageous position for welding takes time as well. Pipe welding equipment helps to solve these issues in several ways. Orbital welding systems, oscillating pipe welding systems, and Bug-O welding systems are mechanized welding machines that automatically put the torch at the optimum angle at all times. They can weld constantly because they do not need to be repositioned. Pipe cutting systems do the same but instead of welding, they are used to sever pipe. Specialized welding power sources provide welding arcs that are more forgiving when welding out of position; this helps reduce the risk of unsatisfactory pipe welds.

Pipe Welding Positioners

pipe welding positioner

Regardless of material type, pipe welding is generally considered one of the most difficult types of welding to perform manually. The reason for this is the fact that when moving around the pipe, the welder is constantly changing the position in which the welding is being performed. A welder that starts at 6 o’clock in the overhead welding position will soon find himself or herself in the vertical-up welding position at 3 or 9 o’clock. This requires constant manipulation of the welding electrode to maintain a proper work angle. Also, the manipulation pattern, speed, and weld amperage or voltage may have to be changed as the position changes. All of this can be eliminated through the use of a pipe welding positioner. A pipe welding positioner holds the pipe and rolls it so that the pipe has to move rather than the welder. This eliminates the need for constant torch manipulation and increases the likelihood of being able to automate the welding process.

Red-D-Arc's fleet of weld positioning equipment includes many positioners well suited for welding pipes and other weldments where weld position is an important factor. View our entire selection of welding positioners.

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