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Semiautomatic Wire Feeders

Built specifically to offer welders versatility and portability, Red-D-Arc UK offers several semiautomatic wire feeders for hire. Ideal for use in field construction, field fabrication, and shipyards
LN25 ProExtreme CE Wire Feeder
  • Processes: Flux-Cored, MIG, Pulsed MIG
  • LN25 ProExtreme CE Portable Industrial Wire Feeder
  • MIG, Pulsed, Cored Processes
  • Digital Meters
  • Includes Gas Solenoid, Flow Meters

LF38 Semiautomatic CE Wire Feeder
  • Processes: Flux-Cored, MIG
  • Internal Gas Flow Meter
  • Four Roll Drive
  • Multi-Language Digital Display

Kemppi FastMig MXF 63, 65, 67 Wire Feeders
  • Processes: Flux-Cored, MIG, Pulsed MIG
  • Infinitely Variable Wire Speed Control Potentiometer in MIG Mode
  • Infinitely variable Voltage Control Potentiometer in MIG mode
  • 4 Roll Drive Wire Feed Mechanism
  • Power Sources: KM/KMS 400, M 420

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The Benefits of Semiautomatic Wire Feeders

It’s not always easy or even possible to move a MIG welding or flux cored arc welding power source around the jobsite. Industries such as construction require welding in many different areas for sometimes very brief amounts of time. To help facilitate this, portable semiautomatic wire feeders were created. These wire feeders are much lighter than the power source they are connected to. This gives the operator less to carry around, therefore increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. Many types of semiautomatic process can be used with these feeders, this includes MIG welding, submerged arc welding, flux cored arc welding, and metal cored arc welding.

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