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Orbital Welder Rentals

Red-D-Arc rents the most advanced orbital welding machines on the market today. Our expert technicians are ready to help you leverage the latest technology to improve the efficiency and quality of your next pipe welding project.
Axxair Fusion
Closed Orbital Weld Heads

  • Water Cooled
  • Stainless Steel Collets
  • Perfect for Thin Wall Tubing
  • Grease-free operation: compatible with clean room standards

Axxair SATO-220E4x Open Orbital Weld Head
  • Water Cooled
  • Symmetrical Clamping System
  • Auto Calculation of Welding Parameters
  • High Quality Welds in a Minimum Space
  • Quality & Repeatability of Welds to Ensure High Productivity

Axxair Orbital Inverter
Welding Power Supply

  • SAXX-200EDGI Orbital TIG Power Source for Orbital Fusion Welding Heads
  • 7.5" Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Auto-Line, 110V to 230V

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Orbital Welding Applications

Orbital welding systems are mechanical devices that are used to move the torch around the pipe during welding. This reduces operator fatigue. Also, they ensure that the welding torch is in the optimal position at all times, decreasing the likelihood of welding discontinuities and defects. Orbital welding systems can also be programmed to automatically change welding parameters depending on if the machine is moving uphill, downhill, overhead, or flat; this too helps eliminate the risk of unsatisfactory welds. The welding quality and welding travel speed that orbital welding offers on both small diameter and large diameter pipe makes it an excellent choice for many pipe welding applications.

Orbital Tube Welding

Orbital MIG Welding

Closed Head Orbital Welders

Small Diameter Orbital Pipe Welders

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