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FES-200 Welding Fume Extractor

Abicor Binzel Fume Extractor/images/RAB_GRIP_HE_air-cooled-torches.jpgFES-200 Fume Extractor

Top Features

  • Solid compact construction, low in weight
  • Ideally suited for mobile applications
  • Automatic start-stop
  • Efficient manual cleaning
  • Fully equipped with suction hose and adapter

The fume extraction unit FES-200 in combination with fume extraction torches provides the best possible welding fume extraction directly at the source. The high-vacuum extraction unit FES-200 combined with the RAB GRIP torch is the perfect solution for noxious welding fumes. The welder and and the work environment are both protected.

Product Details


Weight: 23 kg
Dimensions: 500 x 210 x 590mm
Max. airflow: 200 m3/h
Intake diameter: 50 mm
Max. negative pressure: 19,000 Pa
Voltage: 230 V (115 V)
Motor: 1.1 kW
Filter surface: 0.8 m2

Additional Features

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FES-200 Welding Fume Extractor

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