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Top Features

  • For larger jobs with up to 130 psi capability
  • Extension hoses can extend 250 feet
  • Will operate 5 hours without media refilling
  • Operates with 100 CFM - 250 CFM air supply

THE FARROW SYSTEM uses heat and low pressures to align the specifically formulated media in a precisely engineered turbo nozzle. They shoot to the surface at low velocity much like a storm of darts. Upon contact, they burst into thousands of sharp "missiles" which actually force their way BETWEEN the surface and the coating. Each particle does more than four times the work of other medias; cleaning faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

Product Details


Dimensions: 54.5" x 54.5" x 40.5"
Weight: 775 lbs. Dry, 1,820 lbs. Wet
Air Capacity: 250-400CFM (Hose and nozzle size dependent on air supply)
Pot Media Capacity: 400 lb.(8 Bags Farrow Green Clean®)
Max Blasting Pressure: 125 PSI Max
Hose Length: 50 Ft. blast hose standard, up to 300Ft. with extension hoses

Additional Features

ABRASIVE DRY BLAST systems work by hammering hard particles against the coating and substrate until the coating (and the abrasive as well) is pulverized and dispersed into the air. This high pressure destruction actually damages a portion of the substrate in order to remove the coating! This high pressure method wastes energy, takes more time, distresses the substrate, can injure workers, and creates clouds of dust and contaminants.

This unit is engineered for big production with blasting capability of up to 125psi. With a pot capacity of 8 bags of media, this unit will operate for 6-7 hours without refilling. This allows you to efficiently clean very large projects such as industrial, marine, and municipal infrastructure quickly and with minimal downtime for refilling. And even though it has big capacity, the F650MAX is still compact for easy hoisting or forking into place. The F650MAX can operate with 250CFM - 400CFM of air, standard or high pressure. The F650MAX is equipped with a 75 gallon water tank which gives hours of continuous operation without connecting to a supplemental water supply.

Large, High Volume Unit

  • Blasting pressures up to 125psi
  • Integral fork pockets and lifting eyes
  • Extension hoses can extend 300 ft.

Maximum Capability

  • Designed to withstand very harsh environments
  • Super compact design gives exceptional mobility
  • High capacity efficiently tackles the biggest projects
  • Ranges from gentle cleaning to aggressive profiling

Built To Take It

  • Massive, solid steel crash cage
  • Pot powder coated inside and out
  • Heavy duty, solid stainless steel fittings
  • Stainless steel control cabinet

Safe and Easy To Operate

  • Chemical free, environmentally safe process
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use controls

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