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Kemppi MasterTIG 2200

Kemppi - Master TIG 2200 - TIG welder for hire

Top Features

  • Precise Welding Performance
  • Compact Size for Ease of Mobility
  • High Welding Current and Duty Cycle
  • Processes: Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW)

The Kemppi Master TIG 2200 is a lightweight and portable TIG welder that delivers high welding current and duty cycle. The operator has precise control of the arc and weld pool behavior in different environments and with different base materials.

Product Details


Mains Voltage: 3~380 V -10% ... 415 V +6%
Rated Power: 20% ED: (25%) 220 A / 8.4 kVA
60% ED: 145 A / 5.5 kVA
100% ED: 110 A / 3.5 kVA
Connection Cable, Fuse Delayed: 4 x 1.5S - 5m / 10 A
Welding Current Range: MMA: 15 A / 20.5V ... 220 A / 28.8 V
TIG: 5 A / 10V ... 220 A /18.8 V
Max. Welding Voltage: 35 V / 220 A
Electrode Sizes to be Welded: 1.5 ... 4.0 (5.0) mm
External Dimensions: L x W x H: 472 x 152 x 385 mm
Weight: 16.5 kg
Product specifications and availability may vary by country


Stick (SMAW)


Additional Features

The Kemppi MasterTIG 2200 TIG welding power source, offered for rent here, is designed for the demands of professionals. It is a MMA DC welding power source. The inverter power source is 3 phase 220 A and comes with overcurrent protections and thermal releases which are indicated by a light situated on the front wall of the machine. Be sure to observe all standard welding safety guidelines and operator instructions for this MMA welder.

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Kemppi MasterTIG 2200

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