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LT-7 Submerged Arc Tractor

LT-7 Submerged Arc Tractor

Top Features

  • Submerged Arc DC Wire Feeder (Track Model)
  • Automatic Wire Feeder
  • Reel Holds 60 lb Solid Wire Coils
  • Includes Lights Built into the Solid-State Printed Circuit Board
  • Processes: Submerged Arc (SAW)

The LT-7 Tractor is a self-propelled mechanized wire feeder, designed for the submerged arc process with track system capabilities.

Product Details


Weight: 59 kg (130 lb )
Dimensions: H x W x D: 698mm (27.5") x 838mm (33") x 356mm (14")
Input: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz
Wire Speed Range: 2.5 - 10.2 m/min (100 - 400 IPM)
Solid Wire Size Range: 2.4mm - 4.8mm (3/32" - 3/16")
Rated Output Current/Duty Cycle: 600 A/100%, 1100 A/100% (with water cooling)
Product specifications and availability may vary by country


Submerged Arc (SAW)

Additional Features

The LT-7 Tractor is self-guided and easy to operate. It is designed to be used with a variety of Lincoln DC constant voltage and constant current power sources.
The rugged, lightweight unit permits quick movement to the next joint. Its compact size fits through small openings and confined spaces.


  • Calibrated tractor drive adjusts travel speed from 6 inches to 70 inches per minute (0.12 to 1.8 metres/minute)
  • Control box is conveniently located on the tractor (can be mounted either left or right), eliminating the need to return to the power source for routine procedure changes
  • Exceptional tracking control and self-steering in most applications leave the operator free for quality control, joint cleaning and flux handling
  • Welds butt, horizontal fillet and lap joints to the left or right side of the tractor frame
  • Close mechanical alignment between wire and joint maximizing weld quality


  • Ship and barge building
  • Storage tank erection
  • Bridge deck installation
  • Beam, grider or column fabrication

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Product specifications and availability may vary by country.

LT-7 Submerged Arc Tractor

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