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Automatic Girth Welder (AGW)

Automatic Girth Welder (AGW)

Top Features

  • Automatic Wire Feeder
  • Loading Safety Wheels
  • Includes 200' of Control Cable Assembly

The Ransome Automatic Girth Welder (AGW) (or 3 O’clock Welder) performs x-ray quality horizontal welds up to 20 times faster than standard manual techniques, cutting in-field welding time for storage tanks by up to 40%.

Product Details


Weight: 2768 kg (6102 lb)
Dimensions: H x W x D: 3150mm (124") x 2216mm (87.25") x 2268mm (89.3")
Average Welding Speed: .762 m/min (30 IPM ) with a deposition rate of 11 lb per hour
Travel Speed: .10 - 2.67 m/min (4-105 IPM )
Product specifications and availability may vary by country

Additional Features

Operating at speeds from 4 inches to 105 inches per minute, the AGW can handle plates as thick as 2 inches and tank diameters from the largest to as small as 30 feet. The adjustable A-frame telescopes manually to handle 6 feet to 10 feet high steel plates. Ergonomically designed for efficiency, convenience, and accessibility. The AGW Automatic Girth Welder is available as a single-sided or dual-sided mobile welding station completely equipped with welding heads, all controls, flux support belts and flux recovery units and welding power source. The AGW straddles the tank shell plates, riding on serrated steel drive wheels that can be adjusted for tank diameter. The AGW operator platform is a sturdy and solid workstation with guardrails and all-weather curtains for operator safety and comfort.


  • Effectively cuts welding time up to 40%
  • Adjustable frame for plated 6 feet to 10 feet tall (1.8 metres - 3 metres)
  • Unlimited tank diameters down to 15 feet in diameter
  • High/low rapid travel select controls
  • Self propelled at speeds from 4 to 105 IPM
  • Single and double sided operation


  • Operator’s platform with seat
  • Lincoln NA-3 wire feeder and control
  • Lincoln DC-600 or DC-1000 power source
  • Vertical and horizontal adjuster
  • Flux belt assembly and recirculating system

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Automatic Girth Welder (AGW)

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