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Fronius TransSteel 5000 MIG Welder

Fronius TransSteel 5000 MIG MAG Welder for Hire

Top Features

  • Custom-Tailored MIG Welding System
  • Designed for Flux-Cored and Solid Wires
  • Mobile Wirefeeder
  • Steel Transfer Technology
  • Processes: MIG (GMAW)

The Fronius TransSteel 5000 is a custom-tailored MIG/MAG welding system featuring Steel Transfer Technology.

Product Details


Model: TransSteel 5000 Yard (4.075.161)
Mains Voltage +/- 10:380 V / 400 V / 460 V
Welding Current Range:10 - 500 A
Welding Current At:40% duty cycle 500 - 350 A
100% duty cycle 360 - 350 A
Open Circuit Voltage:65 V
Working Voltage:14.5 V
Protection Rating:IP 23
Dimensions:L:747mm x W:300 mm x H:497 mm
Weight:30.15 kg / 66.47 lbs



Additional Features

The welding programs on the TransSteel 5000 are designed for applications where flux-cored and solid wires are preferred, and have been optimized with this in mind. A selection of suitable characteristics, as used in this sector, is stored in the welding system, e.g. the gas-flow regulator in the wirefeeder and a welding-current outlet for using a rod electrode directly. The Yard Edition satisfies the greater need for mobility in shipyards by having a special trolley with integrated crane-hoisting lugs. A specially developed crane attachment point directly on the wirefeeder provides yet more scope for jobsite mobility. A wear-resistant molded base and a side-mounted impact-proof metal slide make it easier to drag the wirefeeder across the weldment

Steel Transfer Technology means that TransSteel comes fully loaded with expert knowledge, making this welding system the ideal equipment for its chosen field of use. A key characteristic feature is its special ignition control. It prevents the nuisance of droplet-formation at welding startup. Three types of arc can be selected, in the form of characteristics: “Steel root”, with its fine, soft and stable arc is suitable for e.g. welding root passes and filling wider gaps. “Steel dynamic” is characterized by its concentrated hard, dynamic yet stable spray arc, with which the welder can penetrate deep into the plate-metal parts to be solidly joined. The third option is the standard arc “Steel”. It can be used to cover a large part of the welding-range for steel. All the parameters needed for joining steel are easy for the welder to select, at the push of a button.

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Fronius TransSteel 5000 MIG Welder

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