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HIPOWER HRNG 165 T6 LPG Generator

HIPOWER HRNG 165kVA Natural Gas - LP Gas Generator

Top Features

  • 164 kVA Prime Output
  • Flexible, Reliable, Environmentally Sensitive Power Source

The HRNG 165kVA generator set by HIPOWER is powered by a radiator-cooled, industrial PSI-HD gaseous engine, which meets current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) non-road exhaust emission regulations, driving a single bearing, four-pole, three-phase alternator, with IP23 protection. The Prime Power kVA rating for generator set is given with a 125 degree C alternator winding temperature rise.

Product Details


60Hz Prime Power Ratings kW and kVA (LPG rating is for standby power only):
120/240 V, 1 Ph, PF 1: LPG: 68 kW / 68 kVA
NG: 96 kW / 96 kVA
120/208 V, 3 Ph, PF 0.8: LPG: 105 kW / 131 kVA
NG: 131 kW / 164 kVA
120/240 V Delta, 3 Ph, PF 0.8: LPG: 105 kW / 131 kVA
NG: 131 kW / 164 kVA
277/480 V, 3 Ph, PF 0.8: LPG: 105 kW / 131 kVA
NG: 131 kW / 164 kVA
347/600 V, 3 Ph, PF 0.8: LPG: 105 kW / 131 kVA
NG: 131 kW / 164 kVA
Generator Set Specification:
Governor Regulation Class:ISO 8528 Part1 Class G3
Voltage Regulation: No load to full load: ± 1%
Frequency Regulation:Isochronous
Radio Frequency Emissions Compliance:Meets requirements of most industrial and commercial applications
sKVA at 480 V with 30% V Dip: 650 A
Main Line Circuit Breaker:600 A capacity
Weights and Dimensions:
Dimensions (w/ trailer): L*: 216" x W: 83" x H: 97"
*Trailers made after Feb. 2015 are 6" shorter: L:210"
Dry Weight (w/ trailer): 7735 lbs
Dimensions (w/o trailer): L: 138.5" x W: 56" x H: 75"
Dry Weight (w/o trailer): 6135 lbs
Engine Specification:
Manufacturer:PSI Heavy Duty
Model:8.1 LT
EPA Certified:Yes
Crankshaft Speed:1800 rpm
Type:LPG/NG fueled, 4-stroke
Injection:Spark Plug
Aspiration:Turbo Charge Air Cooled
Number of Cylinders:Six (6)
Cylinder Arrangement: In-line
Displacement: 492 CID (8.1 L)
Bore and Stroke: 4.37" x 5.47" (111 mm x 139 mm)
Nominal Power: NG 239 hp
Starting Motor & Alternator: 24 V
Compression Ratio:10.5:1
Air Cleaner Type:Dry, replacable cartridge
Exhaust Gas Flow At Full Output: 1481 lb/hr (672 kg/hr)
Exhaust Temp At Full Load: 1350°F ((732°C) - Dry exhaust
Max. Permissible Back Pressure: 3.0 in HG (10.2 kPa)
Cooling System:
Radiator- Cooled Cooling Air Flow: 12,500 cu. ft./min (354 cu. m/min)
Alternator Cooling Flow: 1307 cu. ft./min (37 cu. m/min)
Combustion Air: 1129 cu. ft./min (31.9 cu. m/min)
Total Cooling Air Flow:
(Engine + Alternator + Combustion)
14,936 (423)
Radiator System Capacity, Including Engine: 22.5 gal (102.7 L)
Lubrication System:
Oil Pan Capacity: 25 quarts (24 L)
Oil Pan Capacity With Filter: 28.75 quarts (28 L)
Oil Filter - Quantity and Type: 1, replaceable spin-on
Recommended Lubricating Oil Grade: Above 0°F: SAE 15W-40 low ash, below 0°F: 0.25 - 5% by wt
Oil Consumption at Full Load:N.A.
Oil Pressure:70.0 psi (4.8 bars)
Engine Electrical System:
Starting Motor Voltage: 24 V
Battery - AH:150
Maximum Battery Charge Alternator Output: 45 A
Cold Cranking Amps - Minimum: 900 A
Sound Attenuated Enclosure:
Noise Level: dBA at 23 ft (7 m): 69
Fuel System (*Measured at gen-set fuel inlet, downstream of any dry fuel or filter accessories):
Fuel Type : Natural Gas, vapor withdrawl
Fuel Supply Line - Inlet:1.5" NPTF
*Natural Gas and LPG Fuel Supply Pressure: in column H2O 7" - 11" (1.7 - 2.7 kPa)
Prime Rating Fuel Consumption:
LPG at 100% Standby Rating N.A.
Natural Gas at 100% Standby Rating 2115 cu. ft./hour (48 kg/hour)
Alternator Specification:
Alternator Model, Winding & AVR Model:127/208; 277/480 V: UCI 274 E N.G.
600 V: UCI 274 E N.G.
Voltages:3-phase 120/208, 277/480, 347/600
Alternator Type:4-pole, rotating field
Excitation System:Brushless with PMG & AVR MX 341
Power Factor:0.8
Number of Leads:12
Stator Pitch:2/3
Insulation:Class H
Windings - Temperature Rise:120° C
Enclosure (IEC-34-S):IP 23
Bearing:Single, sealed
Coupling:Flexible disc
Amortisseur Windings:Full
Voltage Regulation:No load to full load with MX341 AVR: Plus or minus 1%
TIF:< 50
Line Harmonics:5% maximum
* All measurements are approximate and for estimation purposes only.

Additional Features

PSI-HD Engine: Long-life, heavy-duty, 4-cycle, gaseous engine from a world renown manufacturer for economy of operation and maximum reliability and durability.

Cooling: Radiator with belt driven pusher fan.

Filtration: Heavy-duty replaceable element air-cleaner.

Alternator: Single bearing, rotating field, self-excited, self-ventilated, 12-wire re-connectable, 60Hz brushless alternator with permanent magnetic generator (PMG) for reduced service and maintenance requirements, with Class H insulation. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) providing close voltage regulation. Has a high skVA starting capability for electric motor loads.

Arrangement: Engine and alternator units are closed coupled together and with mobile style anti-vibration isolators, mounted between the assembly and a heavy-duty steel base. The sturdy base frame has openings allowing for winching, slinging and forklift pockets for ease of handling.

Enclosure: Fully sound attenuated enclosure, fabricated in 11-gauge steel, powder coated with finish that exceeds 1000-hr salt spray test, curved edges, minimum outside fasteners.
Ample layer of durable sound insulating material placed all around the inside of the container, doors and ducting with metal retainer frames. Can be cleaned by high-pressure water and is oil and fire resistant.
Vertical air discharge for quiet operation.
Wide steel lockable access doors with rubber seals, for easy entrance of all maintenance personnel and any necessary service by technicians, with stainless steel hinges, hardware and fasteners resistant to corrosion.

Exhaust: Effective low noise, steel catalytic converter with rain cap.

Voltage Selector Switch: Three-position, manual voltage selector switch. Lockable in three positions for switching set between 120/240V single phase and 120/208 and 277/480V 3-phase. (Not available for 600V configuration)

Controls: Digital control panel to operate all manual and automatic start and stop features. Many programmable automatic functions for local and remote controls with LED lights, tamper proof engine hour recorder with analog meters: voltmeter & switch, three (3) ammeters, Hz meter, fuel gauge and battery charge.

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HIPOWER HRNG 165 T6 LPG Generator

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