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60 Tonne Welding Rotator RDA LC CR60 CE


Top Features

  • 60 Tonne Drive/Idler Roll Set Load-Carrying Capacity
  • 60 Tonne Drive Roll Load-Turning Capacity
  • 570 mm to 6800 mm Vessel Diameter Capacity
  • For purchase only

Red-D-Arc’s RDA LC CR60 CE heavy duty, built to last conventional rotators are designed and manufactured to tolerate the hardest, hard-wearing and unrelenting workload environments. The powered drive units are controlled by a five-function pendant with a variable speed potentiometer, giving the operator full control of the rotating workpiece.

Product Details


Model: RDA LC CR60 CE rotator set (drive and idler)
Load Carrying Capacity: Drive: 30 tonnes maximum
Idler: 30 tonnes maximum
Set: 60 tonnes maximum
Rotation Capacity: Drive Roll: 60 tonnes maximum
Vessel Diameter Capacity: 570 mm to 6800 mm
Rotation Speed Range: 130 to 1300 mm/min
Tyre Type: Polyurethane
Tyre Width: 300 mm
Five Function Control: Push Button Pendant, 15 m cable (forward/stop/reverse/speed control/emergency stop)
Rotation Drive Motors: 2 x 1.5 kW
Primary Input Power: 380 to 480 V
Weight: Drive: 2,100 kg
Idler: 1250 kg
Foot Print: Drive: 3600 mm x 765 mm x 765 mm
Idler: 3600 mm x 630 mm x 765 mm
(L x W X H)

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60 Tonne Welding Rotator RDA LC CR60 CE

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