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5 Tonne Welding Rotator RDA CR5 CE

RDA CR5 CE 5 Tonne Welding Turning Roll

Top Features

  • 5 Tonne Drive/Idler Roll Set Load-Carrying Capacity
  • 7.5 Tonne Drive Roll Load-Turning Capacity
  • 200 mm to 3500 mm Vessel Diameter Capacity

Red-D-Arc’s RDA CR5 CE rotators feature all-fabricated-steel base construction with wheel carriages that can be manually positioned to accommodate vessels of varying diameters around a constant centre-line.

Product Details


Model: RDA CR5 CE rotator set (drive and idler)
Load Carrying Capacity: Drive: 2.5 tonnes maximum
Idler: 2.5 tonnes maximum
Set: 5 tonnes maximum
Rotation Capacity: Drive Roll: 7.5 tonnes maximum
Wheel Centre Distance: 384, 684, 984, 1584 mm
Vessel Diameter Capacity: 200 mm to 3500 mm
Rotation Speed Range: 140 to 1500 mm/min
Tyre Type: Rubber
Wheel Size: 381 mm diameter x 76 mm wide
Five Function Control: Push Button Pendant, 15 m cable (forward/stop/reverse/speed control/emergency stop)
Rotation Drive Motors: 0.55 kW with fan cooling
Primary Input Power: 240 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz
Input Current at Rated Load: 6.9 A
Weight: Drive: 590 kg
Idler: 470 kg
Control Box Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
Control Box Electrical Certification: UL508
Loading Capacity Certification: UL2011
Product specifications and availability may vary by country

Additional Features

Drive motors are inverter-controlled variable-frequency AC-type with fan cooling and are fully enclosed for trouble-free operation. Double reduction worm and wheel gearboxes are used for enhanced durability and extended overhaul intervals. Drive and idler wheel shafts are housed in deep-groove-type roller bearings and gearboxes are of aluminum/bronze construction. Both the drive roll and idler roll have forklift slots built into the frames for easy maneuverability. Control boxes have IP65-rated enclosures and utilize variable-frequency AC-control electrical systems with full UL and CE certification. In addition, all our conventional rotators have been tested and certified by UL to establish safe working loads - a first in the weld automation industry.

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5 Tonne Welding Rotator RDA CR5 CE

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